5 Reasons You Should Trust a Professional with Home Audio AutomationWe have entered the age of automation. You can control everything from your lights to your alarm system with an app on your phone or a personal, AI assistant that sits on your counter awaiting your every command. Installing an automated home audio system is the next stage of that evolution. You can enjoy the high-quality sound you want for movies and music, and you can set up your system to play what you want when you want it – such as cueing up music to play when you get home from a date or turning off the system at the same time each night.

But you shouldn’t try to set up your home audio system yourself, nor should you try to manage the automation. Here are just five reasons you should hire a professional to handle your home audio automation instead:

1. Improved Appearance

There are likely many components to your home audio system, such as subwoofers, multiple speakers, a receiver, and so on. Each of these has multiple wires that will connect to the other components and to the power source. All of these wires create visual clutter on your walls and across your floors. If you have components spread throughout the house, the problem is amplified.

A professional home audio installer can ensure that everything is connected properly and all those wires are out of sight. The installer will recommend the right placement of each of the components for the most streamlined look and will ensure that everything is done properly. You won’t end up with any weird cuts or bad drywall patching.

2. Assistance with Subwoofer Selection

Most people think that a bigger subwoofer equals better sound. But if you have one big subwoofer in your living room, it will blow out the eardrums of anyone sitting nearby but will sound like any other radio in other parts of the house. You would need multiple, smaller subwoofers placed around a room or around the house to get the best experience for your music. A larger subwoofer might be better for surround sound for movie night.

When you hire a professional home audio installer, you can get the guidance you need to select the right subwoofer for the best experience.

3. Proper Placement of Components

You can’t put a subwoofer just anywhere. It needs to be placed properly to give you the best sound and the best listening experience. A home audio installer can determine the best placement for a subwoofer and other components based on the existing layout of your home, including where the furniture and other items are. If you are buying a home that is currently under construction, an installer can work with the contractors to ensure the best placement of your home audio components.

4. Safe Wiring

Setting up home audio is more complicated than just plugging some items into the wall. A lot of wiring has to run behind the walls and into multiple components. It can be easy to make a mistake that can ruin your equipment, damage your home, or even injure you or your family.

Hiring a home automation specialist ensures that you get everything installed properly and that the wiring is safe. You won’t have to worry about an electrical fire caused by a short-circuit or another issue. You can feel secure knowing that your home and your family are safe.

5. Reduced Maintenance

Stabley Home Entertainment Specialists Mesa AZA professional will ensure that your sound system is properly organized, and that will make it much easier to maintain the system and the areas around it. You’ll also be able to access individual components more easily if they need to be repaired or serviced.

Having an automated home audio system can enhance your enjoyment of movies, music, and more significantly. Hiring a home entertainment specialist to install the system for you will ensure that you get the right setup for the optimal enjoyment of the system, as well as for ease of maintenance and for safety. Make sure you hire a professional for your home audio installation so you can get the most out of your investment.

Stabley Home Entertainment Specialists have the expert knowledge and experience to install any home audio system for you safely and efficiently. We can install a system in a single room, or we can install a whole-house system. We also specialize in automation technology, and we can make it easy for you to control your whole system from the touch of a button. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. Call us in Arizona today to get a quote for your home audio automation set up.

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