The Fundamental Elements For a Low Maintenance Home

Maintaining your home can feel like a full-time job. You have to mow the lawn, and then you have to scrub the baseboards. You have to water your plants and go around turning off all your lights and electronics every night. There are hundreds more things you have to do in your daily routine and in your ongoing maintenance to take care of your home.

The Fundamental Elements For a Low Maintenance Home In Mesa, AZ

Finding ways to automate your home and lower your maintenance can make the burden of home ownership a little lighter. Here are a few fundamental things you can do to lower your home maintenance and reduce the number of tasks you’ll need to do:

Set Up a Nice Welcome With Smart Home Features

When you come home at the end of a long day at work, there’s a lot to do the second you walk in the door. You have to turn on all the lights, maybe adjust the thermostat, put on some music or TV to hear the news or start unwinding, start dinner, and more.

You can automate a lot of this with the right custom home audio installation and other smart home features. You can put several systems under the control of your smart phone so you can tap a few buttons and have everything ready to go when you walk in the door. You can be greeted by lovely music, have the perfect temperature waiting, and even have a menu ready to cook. You can also sign up for services like meal delivery that will even make cooking dinner a bit easier.

Add Smart Lighting

When you’re tired, you don’t want to walk around the house and turn on all the lights when you come home from work. And you don’t want to walk around and turn them all off when you’d rather crawl into your bed and under the covers.

Put your lighting on a smart system that you can control through your smart phone or other device. When you want to turn the lights on, you can tap a button and do it, without having to get up or go anywhere. Same for when you want to turn the lights off. You can set it up to control lights individually or by room. You can also set up the lights to turn on or off on a schedule.

Choose Surfaces That Are Easy to Clean

So much of your home maintenance will be basic cleaning. You’ll be sweeping, mopping, dusting, polishing, and scrubbing every surface in your home – sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, and sometimes monthly. It’s a lot of cleaning, and it can get tiresome fast.

You can reduce this maintenance by choosing surfaces for your home that are easy to clean. Choose cabinets that have laminate, upholstery that has a protective treatment, tile floors, stone countertops, and so on. Any time you remodel a part of your home or replace a piece of furniture, think about the surfaces and choose options that will be easier to clean.

Simplify Your Home’s Design

Having a lot of furniture in your home will increase your maintenance. It will be harder to vacuum, to mop, and to dust. There will be too many nooks and crannies and hard-to-reach places. By simplifying the décor in your home, you can reduce your maintenance.

Think beyond your furniture and clutter. If you are ready to remodel, make choices that will simplify your home’s layout. Choose cabinets that will go all the way to the ceiling so there are no dusty shelves. Choose toilets and sinks that are freestanding so you can clean all the way around them easily. Eliminate tricky spaces wherever you can in your design choices.

Protect Your Home With a Smart Home Security System

Smart home security systems are available that will give you more control over your home than ever before. You don’t need to go around your house and check every window or lock every door. You don’t need to ask your neighbor to check on your home while you are away. You can install a smart home security system and lock everything with the touch of a button, monitor your home any time through cameras and motion detectors, and much more.

There are many more ways that you can automate the processes around your home and reduce your maintenance so that it is easier to manage your home. You can talk to a home automation specialist, an interior designer, and other experts to help you figure out more ways to reduce your jobs around the house, but these tips will put you well on your way to making your home care a lot easier.

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