As Phoenix home automation contractors will tell you, smart homes are becoming all the rage. No longer is home automation something that’s talked about as future “George Jetson” type technology. And even better, home automation in Phoenix and Scottsdale isn’t something that’s just reserved for the super wealthy. The good news is that you can start incorporating home automation features into your home no matter what your budget.

Now, when you think of home automation in Scottsdale or Phoenix, you probably think of some of the usual features such as automating climate control, programming the coffee pot to come on in the morning at a specific time, or even being able to turn the lights on and off with a remote.

While those are certain features that Phoenix home automation contractors (like the Stabley team) can install for you, there are actually a whole lot of other ways you can add comfort and convenience to your home with automation. Let me give you a few additional ideas…

Motion Sensors in the Home

When you think of motion sensors, you typically think of outside lights that switch on when they detect movement nearby. While these are good for lighting up a walkway, they’re primarily used to help deter criminals.

However, motion sensors aren’t just for outside – you can use them indoors as well. For example, you can install motion sensors in a pantry closet to come on when the door is opened. Or you can install sensors which gently light up a dark hallway at night, which is a good safety feature when you’re stumbling along to the bathroom.

Whole-Home Alerts

Have you ever noticed that it’s sometimes difficult to hear the phone, the doorbell, the oven timer, the “beep” from a washing machine or dryer… or just about any other appliance? That’s where whole-home alerts come in. Your Stabley home automation contractor in Phoenix can program these events to trigger sounds or flashing lights in any room of the house – or even the whole house.

Sounds convenient, right? You can also rig it up as a safety feature, by having a whole-home alert activate when a carbon monoxide or smoke detector goes off in any part of the house.

Parental Device Control

Yet another way to use home automation in Scottsdale to your advantage is by programming TVs, video games and other devices to play for a set amount of time. Each of your children gets a pass code, and once they enter the pass code a countdown timer begins. When the timer reaches zero, the device shuts off.

Naturally, this allows you to control how much time your children use certain devices, even when you’re not around. You can program these devices to give different children different privileges with the devices.


The above is just a tiny glimpse at the different ways you can use home automation in Arizona to make your life easier and more comfortable. To learn more about how you can benefit from home automation, contact our experts here at Stabley for a free consultation: — you’ll be glad you did!