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Upgrading Your Home with Automated Audio in These 5 Rooms

Home automation in Mesa is spreading to many different aspects of your daily life. You can do everything from put your lights on a timer to water your plants when you want. Of course, you can also automate your home entertainment features, such as your sound system and your home theater.

You don’t have to limit your home audio automation to your television and your movie player. Here are some ideas for how you can upgrade your home with automated audio in five different rooms:


Cooking a big meal can be tedious after a while. Listening to music or watching a good movie can help the time pass much more quickly. You can have a voice-activated speaker installed in your kitchen that will let you listen to music or flip on a television set whenever you like. You can even watch a cooking show and follow along.

Automation can also include the Internet. Consider adding it to help you easily look up information while you are cooking, such as conversions or substitutions.

Living Room

A great sound system can transform your experience in the living room. Whether you are relaxing by yourself after a long day at work or you are enjoying a movie night with your family, a good sound system can create an immersive experience that will enhance your enjoyment.

Talk with a Mesa home automation specialist about custom home audio installation in your living room to make it feel more like a theater.


You may love relaxing with a good movie at the end of a long day. But what could make that experience even better is relaxing in your own bed. A custom home entertainment installation can wire your bedroom for surround sound so that you can enjoy the movies you love while relaxing to your fullest. You can also fire up the speakers to put on some soft music while you enjoy bonding time with your partner or just relax on the weekends.

Guest Rooms

Why should you be the only one to enjoy surround sound in your room? Let your guests enjoy this pleasure, as well, by hooking up sound in your guest room for enhanced movie watching and music listening.

You should also consider wiring your guest bath with sound, giving your guests the pleasure of listening to music in the bath or the shower. They may even want to listen to music while they are spending a long time on the toilet.


Your patio is like a room outside of your house. You sit in it while spending time with family, entertaining guests, or just enjoying time by yourself. Adding audio to your patio can elevate the experience you have here. You can make your cookouts more lively, feel like you are part of the action when you are watching games, or even feel like you are in a rainforest by listening to soothing sounds while you unwind at the end of a day. There are many possibilities!

Home audio shouldn’t be limited to just your television or your music system. You can enjoy home audio in just about every room of your home. You can feel like you’re in a theater when you’re watching movies, create a spa-like experience in your bathroom, and follow along with your favorite TV chefs as if you were in the studio with them. Talk to your custom home audio installation specialist in Mesa about the options for your home. You may not even realize what’s possible for your home. You could be enjoying a whole new experience with a few tweaks!

Stabley Home Entertainment Specialists are ready to help you transform your home. Our Mesa custom home audio installation specialists can automate the audio in your home, transforming your entertainment system into a home theater, installing a home speaker system, or even adding voice-activated Internet. We’ll help you understand what’s possible for your custom home entertainment installation based on the characteristics of your home and on your budget. We’ll help you learn about options you may have overlooked. Our specialists install everything for ease of use and for minimal intrusion into your décor. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

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