Home Entertainment Automation and its surprising advantages with StableyStabley Home Entertainment welcomes INSTEON to our Family of Home Automation Products and Technology.

Insteon’s award winning technology leads the world when it comes to innovation.

Insteon is the Best-Selling, most Reliable home control and automation technology available today. Insteon adds remote control and automation to important areas of your home such as your Home Theater & Entertainment, Security and Cameras, Lighting, Thermostats and Irrigation.

Insteon provides Networking and Seamless Control over all of your Devices and Appliances. The company has been in the market longer than just about anyone else (more than 20 years), it has 200 connected-home products and their technology can be completely controlled by any Smartphone, Tablet, Computer or other Remote Control. Some of our Favorites are Logitech Harmony Remotes, Amazon Echo and Nest Thermostats.

With a large line of Insteon Home Automation products you’ll find Convenience, Safety, Savings and Fun.

Insteon is remarkable because it uses a proprietary dual-band network technology. Many of its components utilize both power-line and RF control to provide fail-safe operation. This unique and patented dual-mesh technology allows Insteon signals to travel further without interruption than any other technology. And thanks to Dual-Band, powerline and wireless obstructions rarely impede signals, resulting in 100x more reliability than single-band networks.

Another one of Insteon’s exceptional features is that it is simple to install and easy use. It is the least complicated of the existing network infrastructures. All Insteon products are fully compatible with one-another meaning you can easily add pieces as you need them and as your budget allows. Insteon technology has products to fit anyone’s budget and best of all there are no monthly fees or long term contracts

Join us in Welcoming Insteon to the Stabley Home Entertainment Family!

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