Setting Up Your Dream House

Are you remodeling your house? It is the best time to set up meaningful goals for your dream home, including home automation. You may be already planning updates to the kitchen and baths, but you shouldn’t forget about smart home automation as it can be helpful in the long term.

Installing home automation will instantly update your house. With this system, you will be able to upgrade lighting, climate control, security, entertainment, and much more.

A Phoenix home automation company shares below why you should have this modern system installed while remodeling your house.
Installing home automation in a house in Arizona

Better Lighting Control

Nothing is more comforting than being able to dim the lights before going to sleep. It is also satisfying to have lighting control when entering or leaving the house. Lighting is indeed a crucial item to modernize, for both function and form, and home automation can be the best way to do it.

LED lighting amplifies the customizing effect at home because you can choose different fixtures and accent lighting that wasn’t possible before. With a home automation system, LED lighting becomes an essential part of the house.

Just remember to choose LED lighting according to your preferences. The options are endless! For example, you can choose a customizable temperature or different color hues. These color-adjustable options can create a unique environment in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Smart lighting can add an extra flair to your home too. You can customize it for waking up, bedtime, cooking, and many other home activities.

Modern lighting systems use wireless and easy-to-find touchscreens and keypads. Thanks to that, you can place them wherever you prefer. Don’t forget to ask Mesa home automation experts about these modern systems if you have any doubts.

Convenient Thermostat Systems

Having a smart thermostat means intelligently controlling interior climate. In other words, you can choose if you prefer cooler or warmer temperatures at home. Besides, adding humidity and temperature sensors to this system can intensify the home’s comfort.

Remote temperature sensors and smart thermostat systems can also prioritize your preferred temperature when you’re in a certain room. Additionally, you can locate your thermostat wherever you prefer, and avoid putting it in some troublesome place for temperature sensing.

Better Entry Monitoring

When remodeling the house it is normal to worry about the home’s safety. This is indeed the best time to rethink a modern security system, and the most convenient is often the home automation system.

With home automation, you can take advantage of security cameras. They are the most convenient way to monitor your home, especially with advancements like video doorbells. You could even combine video and an audio intercom by having a home automation system.

Once you design the house remodeling, feel free to plan for discreet locations for outdoor and indoor security cameras. Also, contact a Scottsdale home automation installation company to learn more about the right system for your house.

Upgraded Home Entertainment

If you want to enjoy many audio and video entertainment possibilities without cables, then it’s time for you to think about home automation. With a house remodeling, you have a new chance to rethink entertainment areas.

Why not install built-in speakers in all rooms at home? There are many options available which can go into ceilings, walls, etc.

You can set up your audio and video equipment in a cabinet and have a single control system to route your preferred show or music to any room in your house.

There are even motorized options for when you want to hide your flat panel TV. When you plan the home entertainment with the home remodeling, it can look seamlessly integrated with all rooms.

A Smart And Upgraded Kitchen

Home automation is not exclusively for safety and home entertainment in the living room. Smart appliances are also invading places like the kitchen You can now add screens and cameras to appliances like refrigerators. Nowadays, it’s not surprising to consider the kitchen as the central hub for the home.

Home remodeling is the best time to contact a Queen Creek home automation company and have home automation installed. It is also a great opportunity to upgrade the kitchen to the fullest.

With the kitchen,  you can consider an item that integrates with a smart appliance if you want a small speaker for voice control. You can also allow a convenient spot for a touch screen controller (which looks great on a kitchen island).

You can also use new LED lighting designs to customize the kitchen environment while cooking or having a special dinner, all controlled by your preferred home automation system.

Have Your Home Automation Installed With Stabley Home Entertainment Specialists

We recommend you plan for home automation while remodeling to make things easier for you. With Stabley Home Entertainment Specialists you can get closer to the modern house you’ve dreamt of so much. Contact us now by phone or at our website to request a free quote!


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