If you’ve been thinking about installing a Scottsdale home security system, then you’ve probably started researching systems and options. Sometimes people are rather surprised by what all these systems can do. Indeed, the technology has really advanced over the past few years, so even a modest budget for Phoenix home security can get you a rather high-tech system.

Here’s a look at just few of the features that may surprise you when you’re researching systems for home security in Scottsdale or Phoenix…

Phoenix Home Security Systems That Tell You When the Kids Get Home

Ever notice how hard it is to get the kids to call, text or email to let you know when they’ve arrived home? When you install a Phoenix home security system, you don’t have to rely on the kids remembering to text you, because your security system will let you know.

Phoenix Home Security Systems Let You Check in On Your Pets

If your pets aren’t in doggy or kitty daycare while you’re at work, then you may worry a bit about what they do all day when you’re gone. The good news is that you can check in on them anytime when you have a Phoenix home security system, simply by monitoring the live video feeds.

Naturally, you can monitor your Phoenix home security system’s live video feeds for other reasons, too, such as checking on the children, watching a nanny or even checking what happened if your system tells you a motion detector was tripped. Which brings us to the next point…

Phoenix Home Security Systems Send Real-Time Alerts

Today’s automated home security systems can be programmed to immediately alert you whenever certain events happen inside your house or on your property. For example, you can be alerted when:

  • Someone drops a package off on your doorstep.
  • Someone rings the doorbell.
  • There is a security breech, such as a broken window.
  • A motion detector gets tripped.
  • Someone arms or disarms the system manually.
  • Someone goes into the garage.
  • Someone enters or leaves the house.
  • Someone leaves a door, gate or window open.

As you can see, the possibilities are rather endless. No matter what happens, your Phoenix home security system can alert you by email or text to let you know what happened. Better yet, you can then view the live video feed to determine who or what causes the alert.


Phoenix home security and business security systems are being more advanced and helping consumers buy peace of home. To get started protecting your business or family, talk to our security specialists here at Stabley. We’ve been installing home and business security systems in Phoenix since 1994—no job is too big or too small. So contact us today for a free estimate, and don’t forget to ask for your 10% discount by going to: https://www.stabley.net/free-consultation.