You probably thought a bit about Phoenix home security in 2013, but maybe you haven’t yet taken all the necessary precautions to keep your home and family safe. Now is a good time to take those precautions, before the unthinkable happens. Here then are you Phoenix home security tips for keeping your family safe in 2014 and beyond…

Tip 1: Install a Phoenix Home Security System

The first step in keeping your family safe is to install a Phoenix home security system. Some people think putting a sticker on their window which states the property has a Phoenix home security system is enough to deter criminals. It might deter an inexperienced teenager who’s bored, but it won’t deter a real criminal who’s looking for an opportunity. The same goes for fake video cameras.

Don’t risk your family’s safety with fake devices and tricks. Instead, get peace of mind by installing a real Phoenix home security system. This system should include:

  •  The ability to manage and monitor the system remotely.
  • Live video feeds that you can monitor remotely.
  • Real-time alerts sent to your phone or other device.
  • The ability to automate the Phoenix home security system, such as by having it arm itself automatically at a certain time of the day.

Tip 2: Teach Everyone How to Use the Phoenix Home Security System

All the adults in your family should have full access to your Phoenix home security system so that they can monitor and manage the system. Your children may have access to parts of the Phoenix home security system, depending on their ages and maturity levels. For example, even your young children should learn how to use the two-way communication system to call for help in an emergency.

Tip 3: Create a Family Emergency Plan

Finally, you need to create a set of emergency plans when you’re installing a Phoenix home security system. These plans should detail what every member of the family should do in the event of fire, a break in or some other emergency. Don’t just tell your family members these plans, however—you should practice them.


Most people don’t like to think about Phoenix home security, simply because they don’t like to think about the very real possibility of harm coming to their home and family. Simply watch the nightly news and you’ll see that crime, fires and medical emergencies are a very real danger in your neighborhood. So rather than trying to avoid thinking about it, you can get peace of mind by installing a Phoenix home security system. Contact us here at Stabley to request your free in-home consultation: — let us help you protect your family!