Have you been thinking about installing a new home theater or upgrading an existing home theater in Phoenix this year? If so, then you’ll want to read on to discover what’s hot and trending in Phoenix home theater systems in 2014…

 Trend 1: Phoenix home theaters with multiple screens.

If you’ve designated a room that’s sole purpose is to serve as a Phoenix home theater or a more general entertainment room, then you may opt to install multiple TVs or screens in the room.

The trend right now for those who do a lot of entertaining is to create rooms with options. Multiple screens or TVs in a large room helps ensure every guest has a great view. Think of creating a sports bar environment at home, where there are TVs or screens tucked away in most corners.

Alternatively, some people who’re installing Phoenix home theater systems install two TVs or screens – one for regular viewing (like watching the nightly news or a sitcom), and one for big events like movie night, sports and more. Again, it’s all about providing options in our Phoenix home theater for both you and your guests.

Trend 2: Phoenix home theaters with social networking

Even people who’re sitting alone in your Phoenix home theater are unlikely to be watching a movie, sports or other live events truly alone. That’s because a growing number of people like to interact on social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, while they’re watching TV in their Phoenix home theater.

Currently, the biggest trend is for sports fans to talk about the game over social networking. However, some people interact over social media while watching other live events such as political debates, awards shows and more. And of course some people just enjoy watching the latest episode of their favorite TV program in their Phoenix home theater while tweeting about it, talking with friends over Skype or discussing it on Facebook.

Point is, if social networking is a part of your life, then you’ll want to create a Phoenix home theater system which naturally integrates social networking. With the Smart Hub technology, you don’t need to bring your iPhone, tablet or other device into your Phoenix home theater in order to network, because you can do it from the TV itself.


Multiple screens and integrated social networking are just two trends for those who’re installing or upgrading Phoenix home theater systems. To learn more about these trends or to find out what other trends will fit your lifestyle and budget, talk to the experts here at Stabley. Plus if you act now, you can even get a free estimate plus 10% off your Phoenix home theater installation by going to https://www.stabley.net/free-consultation, so check us out today.