The Most Effective Places To Install Security Cameras Around Your Home

With the school year winding down, summer vacation season is coming up quickly! While you’re out enjoying the beach, amusement park, or other destination with your family, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your home is secure. The best way to ease your mind and protect your home while you’re on vacation is to have a solid home surveillance system  installed. Most of today’s surveillance systems enable homeowners to monitor the footage directly from their smartphone, tablet, or other device.

With a quality Chandler security system installation, you’ll also have the ability to check on babysitters, house sitters, and pets, or just take a look for peace of mind. Additionally, you can enjoy the option of enabling notifications that will alert you anytime a specific event takes place so you can always know what’s going on in your home while you’re away.

Protecting a home with an Arizona security system

In order to get the most out of your Gilbert smart home security camera system installation, you’ll want to work with a professional to get your security cameras set up in the most vulnerable and useful places in and around your home. Some of the most effective places to install security cameras around your home include:

Front Door

A large percentage of burglars enter homes through the front door, making it one of the most important places for a security camera. Plus, when you’re not on vacation, you can utilize your remote access through your device and enjoy peace of mind knowing who is knocking at your door, whether your packages have been delivered, and what is going on in front of your home.

Cameras at the front door should be placed in areas where they cannot be reached or tampered with. Most homeowners prefer to have their security cameras installed up high where they cannot be viewed from the street and maintain the aesthetic appeal of their front porch area. Fisheye cameras are a popular option for this type of installation, providing quality graphics and effective visualization while also being discreet.


Another common entry point for burglars is front windows, exposed basement windows, or first floor windows, especially when windows with larger panes of glass are located along the side of the home or hidden behind bushes, which promotes secrecy and helps the burglar remain hidden from neighbors, dogs, and passing vehicles. However, the burglar cannot hide from well-placed security cameras and a Queen Creek security system. Security cameras are often mounted on the exterior of the home above the windows in a protected area such as under the eaves. They can also be installed inside the home and pointed at the windows.

Dome cameras are a popular choice for window monitoring because most models are weatherproof. Most dome camera models have pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities so you can easily change the angle of the camera if necessary for the best view. Tinted dome features mean that would-be burglars cannot see if the camera is facing them.

Back & Patio Doors

These vulnerable areas of your home are a prime target for burglars and break-ins because they are out of sight and can be quickly kicked in. Follow the same principles for back door installation with Tempe video alarm systems as you would for the front entry door: install the camera out of reach where it cannot be easily tampered with, and keep it discreet.

Hidden Entrances

Other breaking and entering crimes take place through basements or garages, especially if your family frequently forgets to lock the doors. Although these areas can be more complicated to reach, they are still potentially vulnerable targets because they tend to be hidden from view. Plus, noise from these locations is frequently unnoticed or even ignored by neighbors, because banging and cutting noises in garages isn’t unusual.

Paradise Valley smart home security camera system installation recommends mounting security cameras at these entrance points in a discreet location so that they are unnoticed by potential burglars. Ideally, the security cameras that are installed at hidden entrances should be capable of night vision, since these entrances tend to be dark or shadowed.

For the ultimate peace of mind, set up your security cameras in these locations so you can lounge by the pool and enjoy your vacation. You can check the video footage from your smartphone if needed and relax knowing that your home is protected. If the worst happens and your home is burglarized, notification alerts can be used to contact the police immediately. Video footage can be used as evidence to help capture and prosecute the criminals as well as provide evidence for any insurance claims.

Wide Selection of Home Security Systems in Scottsdale

Simplify your life and gain peace of mind with a smart video security system for your home. The professionals at Stabley Home Entertainment & Automation can design, install, and implement a high quality home security system custom for your home so that you feel safe and secure whether you are at work, relaxing, or on vacation. Visit us today to get started with your home protection!