Is Your Home Security Outdated?

Home security technology is not the same as it was 10 years before, or even one or two years ago. Technology is one of the few things nowadays that change drastically every few months, leading to many necessary upgrades, especially in home automation. 

It’s not difficult to get a custom home security installation in Mesa, but many homeowners forget that this system requires some upgrades over time. With so many technological advances and automation technology available, you should consider upgrading your home automation system if necessary.

If you are unsure about it, look below at six signs that indicate you need an upgrade as soon as possible. 

Is Your Home Security Outdated In Arizona

Your Home Automation System Is More Than 10 Years Old

Your home automation system may work quite well, but if it has more than ten years old, it will find issues maintaining safety in modern homes. With so many advances in home automation and home security technology, older systems cannot compete. 

If you want a safer, more convenient, and more intuitive interface, consider upgrading your home automation system if it’s over a decade old. You should also consider an upgrade if your system has flaws due to technical hardware, even if it’s not a decade old. 

Contact your trusted home automation company for the upgrade. 

You Use Wired Technology For Home Automation

Wired systems were common for home security for many years, but they are now obsolete. Wireless technology has become more intuitive and affordable. If you have wired infrastructure at home, it’s time for an upgrade that includes custom home audio installation in Gilbert

Plus, wired systems are more dangerous than wireless systems. Their fatal flaw is that burglars can exploit them if they have basic knowledge of home security systems. 

Sometimes a burglar it’s not necessary to be in danger. Something as simple as cutting the wire can shut down the entire system, and that can happen with kids, pets, or a sudden accident. 

If your home automation system still uses wires, consider upgrading it ASAP. 

You Use An Alarm… & Nothing Else

Alarms are a must-have in any home security system, but they shouldn’t be the only feature to ensure safety at home. You should invest money in other features too. 

Alarms are useful for alerting your family that there has been a security breach, but they don’t do anything else other than make a loud noise and hopefully scare the intruder. 

But your alarm will not sound if you open the door to a stranger. With a smart doorbell, you will see who is on your doorstep. If the person looks suspicious, you will be able to take the necessary action to protect your family and yourself. 

You need more than one feature to ensure safety. That includes Paradise Valley custom home audio installation.

Your System Is Not Connected

You may have automated lighting, smart doorbell, environmental control, etc. However, these features must be connected to your home security system to be effective. This way, you can customize your thermostat with your smartphone while checking the video camera from your garage. 

This convenient connection helps you keep track of the entire system so you can conclude the result of your energy bills. The integration makes your life easier while helping you keep your home safe. 

You Don’t Have High-Resolution Cameras

Low-resolution cameras make you feel you are safe, but they offer little accuracy and blurry effects. They can detect a burglar from targeting your house, but they aren’t clear enough to pursue legal action when you need it. 

Make sure the video cameras around your house have the quality and resolution necessary to use as evidence when taking legal action. This will help you in civil and criminal court. 

The most basic video technology on the market has a 1080p resolution camera and backup systems. Opt for that if you want the basic modern system, but remember you can opt for other options with features like night vision and motion sensors. 

In addition to getting a custom home audio installation in Gilbert, don’t forget to get high-resolution cameras for your home security system.

You Still Use A Key To Lock And Unlock Your Door

House keys are basic, but they are not the best regarding home security. You can lose or misplace them. Similarly, keyed locks aren’t safe because they can be picked or broken. Digital locks are much safer and more reliable because they can be opened only with a code or via remote access from a smartphone. 

Obtain Your Custom Home Automation Without Many Efforts

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