Benefits Of a Surround Sound System & How To Take Advantage Of It

Setting up a home cinema should always include a top-quality sound system. Otherwise, you could miss the full theater-like immersive experience, which is usually your main goal when starting this process.

Audio is as important as visual when it comes to getting the best home theater setup. That’s why we’ve brought you here a brief article about the benefits of surround sound and how you can take advantage of it. Read this before contacting your trusted Phoenix home automation company

Benefits Of a Surround Sound System & How To Take Advantage Of It

What Exactly Is A Surround Sound System

In short, a surround sound system is simply a sound that surrounds you. It means you have more than two available audio channels that project high-quality digital sound from multiple directions, just like any movie theater.

You can categorize different types of sounds depending on the mixers and speakers. One speaker’s output might focus on dialogue, while another focuses on the musical score, and so on. Hence the utility of having a surround sound system at home. 

A 5.1 audio system is considered the best one for domestic use. This system is split into five main speaker components, which include:

  • A center channel speaker
  • Right and left front speakers
  • Dipole Speakers
  • Bipole Speakers
  • Subwoofer 

With a 5.1 audio system like this one, the sound can be of better quality. Plus, you will enjoy a more immersive 360-degree feel.

Keep in mind that this is only a type of audio system, you can also improve the home theater experience with a 7.1 audio system, although it’s more expensive and a bit more difficult to install.

What Are The Benefits Of A Surround Sound System?

Before getting down to business with a custom home theater installation in Scottsdale, take a look at some benefits of having a surround sound system:

  • Better Audio Experience: Thanks to the isolated audio elements, the sound will be less muddy and more immersive. Besides, if the speakers are in the right position, your experience while watching a film will be more engaging. 
  • Easy To Customize: With a surround sound system at home, you can adjust the sound to suit your needs and requirements. All surround sound systems allow you to adjust the bass, tonal quality, and treble according to what you prefer. 
  • Closer To Theater-Like Immersive Experience: A surround sound system can make you enjoy movies the way you do in a movie theater. The full cinema experience does not include just a big screen. If you are a real film enthusiast, you will want to be excited about the sound too! 
  • Overall More Realistic Experience: With a surround sound system, you get sound from your right, from your left, from behind, and so on, making it a more realistic experience. You will hear each beat, instrument, movement, and dialog distinctly! 

Things To Know

Before getting a surround sound system at home, take note of the following:

  • You can contact home automation experts in Scottsdale for an easier installation. One of the disadvantages of a surround sound system is its installation, as it can be cumbersome depending on some items used. 
  • Since installing a surround sound system can be difficult, you could also place the speakers incorrectly. Speakers in the wrong position can affect the sound quality, making the whole experience a failure. The most common mistake with this part is placing the speakers in a single vertical or horizontal row. 
  • Remember that treble or bass settings can easily be adjusted depending on your preferences. However, you should not forget that stereo and mono speakers may not have the same extension when customizing them.
  • The main purpose of a surround sound system is to create an immersive experience that does not focus only on visuals. Therefore, you have to know how to install the system. If you are not ready for a DIY installation, contact a professional. 
  • Surround sound is not the only audio option, although it is the more immersive one. You can try other options if you have a tight budget and schedule, for example, a soundbar. A soundbar offers better sound than a TV’s internal speakers, but it’s not as expensive as surround sound. 

Contacting Home Automation Experts In Scottsdale

Whether you prefer a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system, make sure you know all the necessary steps to make a successful installation. If you think it is too complicated for you, consult with Stabley Home Entertainment Specialists! We have an incredible team that can help you install your audio system easily, safely, and quickly. Moreover, we can plan and design the right home entertainment system that meets the needs of your budget and lifestyle. 

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