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This is the third part of a four blog series that explores how home automation can dramatically impact different areas of your home. Today, we’re looking at media rooms, which are quickly becoming popular in homes across Arizona!

Home Theater Media Room In Arizona

What Is A Media Room?

A media room is a multipurpose space in a central location of your home where families and friends can easily gather together to watch the game, enjoy a TV show, or listen to music. Instead of a dark, focused theater experience, media rooms offer flexible options with large smart TVs, surround sound, and comfortable seating that can be easily rearranged when you’re ready to use the room for something else.

The design and sales team at Stabley Home Entertainment can help you find the perfect products for your home media room for the ultimate in sound and visual experience. This generally includes TVs or projectors and sound systems, with careful attention to automation, wiring, and matching your home’s décor. With Phoenix custom home audio installation, your media room will quickly become your favorite place in your home!

Find The Ideal Sound System For Your Arizona Media Room

Media rooms are the perfect place to relax and listen to music or enjoy a movie with friends and family. This means you’ll want to have a high quality surround sound system for the best experience. Stabley Home Entertainment offers a wide range of sound systems that will enhance your media room and can be seamlessly added to your existing décor. You’ll be able to choose between one room and whole house sound systems as we work with you to create your preferred audio experience. With a media room system, you can stream music and podcasts throughout your home and even play different types of media in different rooms, all controlled with the touch of a button or your voice.

Our custom design team is ready to help you find a sound system that is perfectly designed for the size and needs of your media room. Whether you’re looking for a simple or sophisticated sound system, your Gilbert home automation experts will be by your side every step of the way.

Home Theater Media Room In a Arizona

Choose The Best Smart TV For Your Media Room

A smart TV is at the center of every media room. Choosing the right TV will have a dramatic impact on your media room, and our experts are ready to help you find the right model. You’ll want to consider the size, location, and refresh rate of your smart TV, as well as where and how to mount it for optimal viewing.

Smart TVs aren’t limited to movie and TV show viewing; these modern appliances are incredibly innovative and useful. With seamless internet connectivity, powerful processing, and a user-friendly interface, these devices are more like a smart phone than a conventional television. With a smart TV from your Paradise Valley home automation company, you’ll be able to browse the web and social media channels, watch YouTube videos, stream from all of your favorite services, listen to music, and even video chat. Take your connectivity to the next level with voice controls and syncing with your other smart devices, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Nest.

Remote Controls, Wiring, & Automation

Once you’ve selected the right smart TV and sound system for your media room, it’s time for our Chandler home entertainment installation team to pull it all together and upgrade your experience with high quality remote controls, receivers, wiring, and automation features. Our team can work with equipment you already own or brand new equipment to provide a seamless, easy to use media room system.

In a media room, wiring is carefully hidden and integrated into your existing décor so that your interior design maintains the look you want. Sync your media room system with other devices and automation equipment such as smart lighting, smart outlets, and more. Use your voice to adjust the volume, skip to another song, and control the system while you enjoy the convenience and fun of rich sound and high definition visuals. Home automation makes it easy to switch between apps and channels for complete customization throughout your home.

Get In Touch With Mesa’s Home Automation Experts

If you’ve been thinking about adding a media room to your home or are curious how home automation systems can enhance your life, give Stabley Home Entertainment a call today or stop by our showroom. We would be happy to show you the home automation options that are available. You might be surprised at how much our team can do for you as we develop a custom system for your home. From sales to design to installation, we do it all with professionalism and expertise. Get in touch with Stabley Home Entertainment today!


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