Why Choose a Projector for your Home Theater?

Do you want the ultimate TV and movie watching experience? Why stick to a traditional HD-TV when you can purchase a projector? There are several projectors on the market that provide different benefits to help you see a clear, large picture. The front projectors are a hot commodity and the picture quality continues to improve with new technology. Using a dark room with a specialized screen is the best way to obtain the right picture from a projector. Talk to home theatre system installers in Scottsdale to find the best projectors on the market.

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Why Use Projectors?

If you have the desire to have a complete wall dedicated to a movie or television, opt for a projector over a TV. The great part of projection systems is you can still have full use of the room when you aren’t using the system. A TV takes up wall space, which can make it harder for you to use the entire room if you have guests over. Watching your favorite movies on a wall make it seem more like you are in the movie theatre instead of in your home. Here are some of the best projection systems to consider.

Projector- Home Theater InstallationEpson PowerLite Home Cinema 5030UB

The best custom home theatres in Scottsdale can provide great images in dark or moderately-lit rooms. With impressive color accuracy, the 5030UB gives off beautiful images. It includes a motorized lens cover, 3D glasses, and a horizontal and vertical lens shift. This projector is preferable as it continues to rank high with a number of reviewers. The price is starting to come down and newer models are anticipated to hit the market soon. It currently costs $2,299 for the latest model. The black level has gotten better on the system and it can deliver better picture quality. The 5030UB offers more light from other models and it is a clear winner from other projectors.

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If you have more money to spend on a projector, opt for the JVC DLA-X700R. This system will cost $6,600, but it gives out some of the best picture quality from other projectors. If you need home theatre installation in Scottsdale, choose the best system on the market to have whisper-quiet operation with intense picture clarity. There is an optional RF 3D emitter, which works well with glasses to give you a unique viewing experience.

BenQ W1070

logoDo you love 3D movies? If 3D is your favorite, you need to opt for this model for custom home theatres in Scottsdale. This model is affordable as it runs $660. Don’t let the price fool you as it still does give out plenty of clarity for the price. It has excellent color accuracy and respectable black levels. You will need to purchase your own 3D glasses to go with the system to give you the right picture.