3 Reasons Why Home Automation is desired Among Homeowners in Arizona

At Stabley we are passionate about the convenience home automation brings to homeowners. Have you recently heard your neighbors or loved ones speak about the benefits? Home automation in the Phoenix valley has become increasingly popular. Chances are you’ve been in a home that has automation capabilities; automated controls for temperatures, lighting, garage doors, security systems and much more. All this control in the palm of your hands! Still not convinced that home automation could make your life easier? Dig more into these three reasons why Arizona is jumping on the home automation bandwagon.

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Home Automation Technology is Expanding

Home automation had not become a common household term until the past several years. The technology during the beginning years was very limited, mostly limited to your security system. With time, the home automation term has been much more common, and more technically advanced. Not only have the home automation technology advanced, but the products that control them such as smart technology including TVs, thermostats, etc. The demand for these smart and convenient items has quickly increased, but that doesn’t mean the price has to acquire one. The technology to add ease and convenience to your home is surprisingly inexpensive to most Arizona valley homeowners.

Home Automation Syncs to Existing Tech Gadgets

Home automation on your smart device- Stabley Home EntertainmentWhat if I told you that you could access all the benefits mentioned, without the need to purchase equipment? One of the best features about home automation installation is that there is no equipment to install! You get all the benefits of home automation directly synced to your Smartphone. This means no need to learn how to use and navigate through your new equipment or remote devices.

You can now access some of the best features right from an app downloaded on your Smartphone. Never walk into a dark and cold house when you arrive home from work, simply access your home automation system through your app to turn on your lights and heater. What’s even better is that the app can track your movements throughout the house by accessing your cell location. If you switch rooms, the app can have it lit and the heater warming for you.

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Major Companies Recognize the Technologies Potential

Many people are getting behind this home automation trend. But the industry has shown that this is more than a temporary trend. Major companies such as Apple and Samsung are contributing to the technology and investing in it’s development. This means that the benefits of home automation have only reached the surface. As the technology increases, we will continue to see more innovative ways to bring more comfort into your home.

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So what does home automation look like for your home? Talk to the expert home automation team serving Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa and more throughout the Valley. Stabley Home Entertainment offers you a free in-home consultation to find your home automation needs. Contact Stabley Home Entertainment today.