If you want to throw a party to remember in 2014, then you need to impress your guests and make it easier than ever for you to entertain. You can achieve both of these ends by getting in touch with a multimedia and home automation contractor in Phoenix to get your home into “party ready” condition. Here then are the essentials for entertainment and home automation in Phoenix…

Use Home Automation in Phoenix to Set the Mood

One of the most common ways people use home automation in Phoenix is to control their lighting and climate-control systems. With just a touch of button, you can raise or lower the lighting in all rooms, or you can adjust them individually without getting up from your chair.

Likewise, your Phoenix home automation contractor can wire your climate control systems to work automatically or be adjustable from the palm of your hand. No more worrying about guests getting too hot or too cold, because you’re always in control of the climate.

Use Home Automation in Phoenix to Control Your Entertainment Systems

Another fun thing your Phoenix home automation contractor can do is hook up all your audio and video systems so that you can run them from a single remote control device or from control pads located in each room. For example, you can hook up whole-home audio to pipe music through the entire home. Or you can run apps on your big-screen TV, such as checking scores on different football games or chatting with friends over social media.

Use Home Automation in Phoenix to Secure Your Home

When you entertain, everyone is distracted and the noise level can get pretty loud. A thief might think this is the perfect time to break into your garage or garden shed. Or if everyone is enjoying a party on the back patio, a thief might break into the front of the house. That’s why your plans for home automation in Phoenix should include a security system as well.


Many homeowners are thinking about their entertainment plans for 2014. If you’re doing the same, then talk to our home automation contractors in Phoenix to find out how you can use technology to make all your get-togethers easier, safer and more fun. Plus contact us today and we’d be happy to set you up with a free in-home consultation to discuss all your entertainment, automation and security needs. Click here to get started: https://www.stabley.net/free-consultation