We talk a lot about Phoenix home automation here on this blog. But if you pay attention to the news or even the conversations your friends and neighbors are having, you might be surprised to discover that home automation in Scottsdale, Phoenix and the surrounding areas is a popular topic. In addition, more and more people you know are introducing home automation into their lives, such as:

  •  Automated home security systems.
  • Automated climate and electricity control.
  • Automation for the garage, such as auto-start technology for the vehicles.
  • Apps to automate their daily lives.

And much more.

But the question is, why is home automation in Scottsdale suddenly becoming so popular? Here are a few reasons…

Home Automation Technology is Evolving

Just a few short years ago home automation technology was fairly limited. Today people are accustomed to technology being such a large part of their lives, so the automation technology has developed rapidly to keep pace with demand. Now you can find smart appliances and gadgets in every room of the house, from smart TVs to smart ovens. Best of all, the technology is surprisingly affordable, making it easy for just about anyone to add some comfort and convenience to their lives.

Home Automation Links to Existing Gadgets

Seems like just about everyone has a smart phone, and the Phoenix home automation technology can be controlled by these gadgets. That means that people don’t need to learn about a new piece of technology to enjoy home automation, nor do they need to use any other type of remote control device—instead, they can run everything from their smart phone if they choose.

What’s more, some of the home automation technology can be linked directly to smart phone apps, which completely automates things. For example, some automated thermostats will track the location of everyone in the house via their smart phone, and then adjust the temperature accordingly.

The Big Players Are Getting Involved

Home automation technology as attracted the interest of some big companies, such as Samsung, Apple and more. This shows you that Arizona home automation isn’t a fad – it’s something the big companies are dumping money into because they expect this segment of their market to grow. As such, you can expect to see many more innovative ideas come about as well as seeing great prices for the technology.


There are plenty of reasons why home automation gaining popularity so quickly. All of this means that now is a great time to design and install your home automation system in Arizona. Contact us here at Stabley to get started – we’ll even do a free in-home consultation to help you plan the best automation system for your needs and budget. So contact us today at https://www.stabley.net/free-consultation — you’ll be glad you did.