There is nothing more important than the safety of your family, especially your children who depend on you for protection. That’s why homeowners who’re installing systems for home security in Scottsdale and Phoenix are choosing features with their children’s safety in mind.

Obviously, the specific features you choose will depend on your needs and the age of your children. However, here are some popular Phoenix home security features that appeal to families…


This feature allows you to set up a perimeter, such as a “fence” around your yard. The system can send you a real-time alert to your smart phone or other device when specific people cross that perimeter, such as if one of your small children leaves the yard. You can also set up motion detectors and real-time alerts so that you know if anyone crosses the perimeter – either coming into the yard or leaving the yard.

Two-Way Communication

Another feature you can include on your system for home security in Scottsdale is a two-way communication button on the system’s control pad. This allows anyone to push the button and reach emergency personnel. Young children who may fumble with a cell phone or be unable to dial 911 should find it easier to use the two-way communication device.

Real-Time Alerts for Specific Events

If you’d like to keep tabs on your children without having them responsible for remembering to call you, then you might set up alerts for specific activities that happen in the house. For example, your Scottsdale home security system can alert you when your children have arrived home from school—no more worrying about them or waiting for their phone call.

Video Monitoring

Another feature you can include in your Arizona security system is real-time video monitoring, which you’ll find is useful in a variety of ways. For example, even when you’re in the house you can quickly check in on the kids playing down in the basement to make sure everything is okay. Or if you have a nanny coming in during the day, you can check in on the nanny and your children at any time from work using the live video monitoring. This is a great feature for buying peace of mind.


The above are just a few of the home security features which appeal to families with children. If you’re thinking about installing a home security system, then you’ll want to talk to our security specialists here at Stabley. We’ll walk you through the possible features and help you choose a system which meets your security needs and fits your budget. So contact us today at — and don’t forget to ask for your free estimate and 10% discount!