What Control Do I Have With My Home Automation System?

Home automation is the greatest tool for owners to simplify home life. There are endless possibilities for control including lighting, audio, locks and door entry, and much more! Business owners have also discovered the benefits to home automation at the office. No matter the use for home automation, the system is easy to use and works with your current smart device. To look deeper into these amazing benefits of control, learn about the lighting controls and how they can benefit your home.

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Lighting Control

Automation brings you customizable control to all lighting components within your home. Programmable lighting allows homeowners to set the mood within one room or throughout the home, including outdoor areas such as the pool and patios. Full control with advanced lighting systems means convenience in controlling lighting including features like dimming. The possibilities are endless for lighting control. Turn on the front entrance lighting as friends arrive for a dinner party or accentuate your favorite Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 4.11.09 PMart with spotlighting.

Lighting automation brings saving power to homeowners by controlling electricity use to cut down on energy bills. Full control allows you to set programmable options such as automatic turn-on times or automatic turn-off whenever no ones is present in the room. It works by connecting to a central control unit typically by your smartphone or tablet. The control unit operates via Bluetooth or WI-FI allowing access to any area throughout the home.

Preprogrammed lighting can be set to accommodate any lighting schedule. If you can easily predict the times in which you access the lighting customizing options include an automated loop that cycles through one lighting state to another. Access to lighting control can be gained anywhere in the world. You may be soaking the sun in the Caribbean but your home is left unattended. Simply automate the lights to come on during night, and off in the day, or access it remotely to turn them on as you chose.

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Choosing Stabley for Home Automation

logoStabley Home Entertainment is a team of multimedia experts assisting homeowners and business owners in simplifying everyday tasks. This family owned and operated business understands streamlining tasks and the value it brings to an easier home life in the new technology age. If you’re ready to make the switch to total control, call Stabley to schedule your consultation. You’ll understand why residents throughout Arizona have chosen the family team at Stabley since 1994.