When some people think of a home theater in Phoenix, they picture the typical home theater installation in the basement. However, that viewpoint is changing fast. Not only do people create multiple Phoenix home theaters in their homes, but the main one isn’t necessarily in the basement anymore. Let’s take a look at some of the places we here at Stabley have installed Phoenix home theater systems, other than in the living room or basement…


Our nice weather in Arizona makes outdoor home theater installations in Phoenix a very popular option. We can set up a full audio and video system on your patio, next to your pool or anywhere else in the backyard where you’d like to entertain.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a natural gathering place for the family, which makes it a good place to install your home theater in Phoenix. This is particularly true if you have a breakfast nook, a breakfast bar or if the dining area is in the same place.


Is your bathroom your oasis, a place you like to unwind after a hard day? Then you may want to consider installing a Phoenix home theater in your bathroom. Imagine soaking in your hot tub while enjoying your favorite movies and programs in surround sound.


Another room where people like to relax is in the bedroom, which makes it a good place for a home theater in Phoenix. Many people who install Phoenix home theaters in other places in their homes, such as in the basement or living room, ask us to come back and install a home theater in their bedroom too.

Dedicated Media Room

Many home builders are now creating dedicated media rooms during the building process. In other cases, homeowners are turning spare rooms into Phoenix home theaters. Either way, having a dedicated media room is a great place to watch movies, play games and entertain friends and family.

The Bar

Homeowners who’ve installed bars often want us to install their Phoenix home theater next to the bar. What a great place to watch the “big game,” entertain friends, and unwind.


We here at Stabley have 19 years of experience in installing Phoenix home theater systems. Whether you’re looking to install a huge system in a dedicated media room, or you’re looking to install an outdoor system, or you just want to create a little media nook in your kitchen, we’re here to help. Put our experience to work for you to plan, design and install your Phoenix home theater. Contact us today to set up your free in-home consultation: https://www.stabley.net/.