Things To Consider In Creating The Perfect Home Theater Design

When it comes to building a custom home theater, there are many aspects to consider. Of course, you’ll want to determine which quality of speakers you want to install and what type of display will be the best option. But a clear plan for the overall home theater design is just as important as the technical details. You’ll want to develop a clear plan for screen size, speaker layout, and other details so that your entire home theater comes together perfectly.

But how do you create the perfect home theater design? There are some standards that every good contractor will follow for Mesa custom home theater installation, but many of the details ultimately come down to your personal preference, needs, and limitations. Whether you want to upgrade your home theater or build a brand new one, take some time to consider these essential elements so you can ensure the ultimate viewing experience. 

Essential Elements To Consider In Your New Custom Home Theater

Where Should The Theater Be Installed?

Location within your home is a crucial part of home theater design because the details of the room such as ceiling height and window placement will affect the rest of your installation. Ideally, a rectangular room without windows and with low ceilings is best for your Tempe custom home theater installation. Soft flooring and walls will also improve the sound quality of your theater. If this type of room is not already present in the room, you can consider additions such as motorized shades, acoustic wall treatments, or a short-throw projector for rooms with high ceilings.

What Size Screen Should I Choose?

Choosing the wrong TV screen size is a common mistake. Surprisingly, in many cases the issue is not that the screen is too small, but actually that it’s too large for optimal viewing. Many people think that bigger is better, and choose the largest screen they can afford. However, TV screens that are too large will cause neck and eye strain, and can also pixel the image if the seating is too close. For your Mesa custom home entertainment installation, choose the screen size based on the distance of the seating from the screen. A good rule of thumb is that the seating distance should be 1.5 times the size of the screen. So if your seating is placed 9 feet (108 inches) away from the screen, choose a display that is no bigger than 6 feet (72 inches) diagonally.

How Many Speakers Should My Home Theater Have?

When it comes to Phoenix custom home audio installation, ask your technician for a brand recommendation that will work well with the layout of your home theater. A system that provides the ultimate 3-D sound experience will entail speakers that are in front of, behind, and above the viewer. In most cases, this type of set up will require at least seven speakers, depending on the size of the home theater room. A soundbar is a good option for smaller rooms so that the audio doesn’t become overwhelming. Ask an audio expert to help you determine the ideal number of speakers based on the size of your home theater, your budget, and your personal preferences. 

What Will You Primarily Be Watching In Your Home Theater?

While most people love the home theater experience and end up using it for many different purposes, talk with your installer about what you tend to watch most. Knowing whether you are a movie buff, dedicated gamer, or sports fanatic will help your Queen Creek custom home entertainment installation technician with layout and design for the perfect set up. The best home theater designs are scalable so you can add more features later on, but it’s best to have everything you’ll need right away at the beginning. What type of movies, shows, or other entertainment you like most to watch will make sure all of your favorite entertainment components are added to your home theater, which may include fast streaming, higher quality speaker systems, gaming consoles, and more.

How Will Your Home Theater Be Controlled?

The best home theaters are complete with an intuitive control system. Even if you choose the best audiovisual systems, they won’t make up for missed details that result in a lousy user experience. Mesa home automation experts can help you find the devices you need so that finding what you want to watch, adjusting the volume, dimming the lights, and changing the thermostat can all be done from one convenient device. While many people prefer using a traditional remote control, others may enjoy a dedicated touchpads, mobile app, or voice commands to manage their home theater experience. 

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