Enjoy The Experience Of a Home Theater Inside The Comfort Of Your Own Backyard

Watching a movie on a big screen is a unique experience, but that experience came to an abrupt end due to a recent pandemic, making many people get used to watching movies only at home. However, there are some ways to spice up your life when watching a movie at home and still staying safe. 

One of them is creating an outdoor home theater. It is an excellent option to build a better cinema experience in the privacy of your backyard. Besides, you don’t need a lot of things to create the perfect one.

It’s always helpful to learn about a custom home entertainment installation in Scottsdale, so keep reading below to see how to get one, and better yet, how to create the perfect one for your backyard.

Install a Home Theater In Your Backyard In Arizona

Install a Proper Speaker System

If you want to hear your movie or listen to music throughout the entire backyard, then the projector or tv built-in speaker won’t be enough. These built-in speakers are low-powered, so they won’t sound great.

For outdoor areas, evenly distributed speakers around the perimeter can make a huge difference. They offer more volume and practically a better experience for listeners. Besides, if you want to enjoy a big screen, you may also want to enjoy a big sound.

Many brands offer top-quality outdoor speakers. These speakers were created to withstand any background noise like dirt and rain. Moreover, some brands offer landscape speakers with subwoofers to blend with the surrounding foliage, making them aesthetically pleasing. 

Choose a Proper TV Or Projector

You probably force your eyesight if there’s too much sunlight and it reflects on your indoor TV (especially if it is close to a window). Now imagine putting that indoor TV in your backyard…it clearly won’t work. 

Getting a custom home entertainment installation in Gilbert requires a bit of effort when it comes to the TV display. That’s because your outdoor TV display must be resistant enough to deal with sunlight, weather, and changing temperatures. 

If possible, choose a partially shaded area to mount your screen, or you look for a screen designed to reflect a glare-free picture. 

Nowadays, many brands offer outdoor TVs with 4K resolution. But, if you feel like a TV won’t be useful because you are a night owl who loves watching movies past midnight, then consider a proper projector.

Modern home theater projectors offer great image quality, and they are far brighter than older projectors. It may not be a good option during the day, but it is perfect for a movie night under a starry sky. Just remember that you may need a projector screen depending on your backyard environment.

Amplify Wi-Fi Coverage

The router inside your house may not offer strong Wi-Fi signals if you are farther than the internal perimeter of your home. It won’t cover your entire patio space either, so you will probably need to install other wireless access points in your patio. 

There are many wireless routers on the market designed to expand your Wi-Fi coverage. For a better custom home theater installation, you can always contact a professional home theater service in Mesa.

Do Not Forget About Home Automation

If you have home automation with an evenly distributed video and audio, you should integrate your outdoor equipment. This way, you will only tap one button on your smartphone app to continue listening to music by the pool, for example. 

Outdoor video and audio aren’t the only things you can integrate with home automation. You can also try smart lighting, automated shades, or even a smart hot tub. You decide how many things you would like to have with this automated system. 

Get a Scottsdale Custom Home Theater Installation With a Professional

Are you feeling a bit confused with the list above? Do you think it still requires much effort? Don’t worry, contact Stabley Home Entertainment Specialists if you prefer a high-quality service to get your custom home theater. Our team of experts will help you install complex wiring, receivers, and other items that can be tricky for you. Contact us by email or telephone, we’ll be glad to help! 


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