When designing your new Mesa custom home theatre installation, it may be difficult to determine whether a tv screen or a projector screen is a better choice. In the past, projectors were simply way too expensive to even consider for a custom home entertainment installation in Mesa, but new technology has increased the quality of projectors while decreasing their price, making them a more available option. There are many factors to consider when making the choice between tv screen and projector, so here are a few pointers to help.

Projector installed for home theater

Television Screens

Tv screens are a classic in the Phoenix custom home audio installation world, and are widely used by people for entertainment in their homes. There are several benefits to using a tv screen rather than a projector, one being that televisions are typically much less affected by ambient lighting than projector. If you have a media room with large windows, the tv would be a wiser choice, as a projector will get washed out by the natural light.

Televisions are also much simpler to install, so for the technically challenged, that is a big plus! To install a projector, it must be attached securely to a wall or ceiling, positioned in the exact correct spot, and have a motor installed (if you are using a motorized screen). Additionally, projectors typically require an HDMI box to be installed, while televisions already have the HDMI port built in.

A few other benefits of a TV screen in a Phoenix Metro custom home entertainment installation include:

– TVs are much easier to troubleshoot than projectors.
– TVs have a higher resolution available, up to 8K. Projectors are only currently up to 4K, and have a higher price point than 4K TVs.
– TVs have a better grasp on contrast and brightness levels, which is why they are a better choice than projectors in rooms with ambient light.

Projector Screens

For anyone with a fully dedicated home theatre room, a projector is a fantastic choice. Dedicated Mesa custom home theatres are typically a more immersive experience with better light control, which means less ambient light to worry about that could wash out the projector screen. Projectors are favored over TVs for dark theatre rooms because the brightness of the TV can easily begin to wear out your eyes while watching a movie.

While TVs do come in large sizes, projectors can be even larger. They are also the perfect shape for watching movies. Because of advancing technology, projectors are much more affordable than in the past, and work in a higher quality. For those who want a huge screen, a projector is more cost-effective than a massive TV.
Projectors are the perfect fit in media rooms that boast motorized shades or curtains. They can also be motorized to open and close, and can be easily hidden out of the way with a wall mount or ceiling pocket.

Consult with a Professional

When choosing between a projector or a TV screen for your Phoenix custom home entertainment installation, there are many benefits to each. It is important to prioritize your wants and needs for your media room, and determine which screen will be the best fit. To learn more about TVs and projectors, visit the experts at Stabley Home Entertainment Specialists. We are knowledgeable and friendly, and ready to make your theatre installation convenient and fun. With the latest technology solutions and goal to simplify your entertainment life, the techs at Stabley are committed to exceeding your expectations. Contact us today at (480) 325-5015 to learn more about our services!