Setting up a Scottsdale home theater or entertainment room can be a whole lot of fun, especially if you mix in some old-fashioned decorative touches with some high-tech gadgetry. Take a look…

Remote Control Screen Curtains

Nothing says custom home theater like a set of velvet curtains covering the screen. You can add a high-tech touch by automating these curtains so that they’re accessible with a remote control. You can also add your window coverings and dimmable lights to these same remote control, to create a Scottsdale home theater with a touch of luxury.

Theater-Style Refreshments

Popcorn and movies just go together, which is why you’ll want to install an old-fashioned popcorn machine in your custom home theater in Scottsdale. (Just be sure to shut the machine’s light out before the movie begins.) And when you get thirsty from the popcorn, you can serve yourself a drink from a soda or Slurpee-style machine.

Theater Seating

Sure, you can create your custom home theater in Arizona using your existing couches and recliners. However, if you really want to create a home entertainment experience, then consider installing two row or more rows of comfortable leather theater seats. Be sure to install the rows of seating on raised platforms (just like at the movie theater) so that everyone has a clear view of the screen.

Good Acoustics

While the speakers you choose for your custom home theater in Arizona can make or break your acoustics, so too can the room. Hard surfaces such as drywall, hardwood floors and similar materials can bounce the sound around in an unpleasant way. You’ll enjoy a truer theater experience if you install a plush carpet on the floor, thin carpet or acoustic tiles on the walls, and acoustic tiles on the ceiling.

Also, don’t forget to soundproof the room. A good home theater experience relies on you cranking up the volume when you’re watching your favorite movies – but soundproofing will prevent your home theater sounds from irritating the neighbors, disturbing your spouse or waking the children.


If you’re like most people who install a custom home theater, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time in the room. That’s why you’ll want to consider adding the pragmatic and decorative touches that add some fun to the room as well as impress your guests.

When you’re ready to install your custom home theater in Scottsdale or Phoenix, then contact our professional home theater systems installers here at Stabley. Whether you’re upgrading an existing system or starting from scratch, we have the experience, skills and recommendations to create the perfect home theater and entertainment space. Find out for yourself by requesting your free in-home consultation at