Growing up, you may have loved going to the movie theater and dreamed of the day you could have one right in your own home. The good news is, with our Scottsdale custom home theater installation team, you can! At Stabley Home Entertainment Specialists, we know that putting together a home theater system can be quite the challenge – between wiring everything correctly, sorting through six different remote controls, staying within your budget, and even the proper layout for everything in the theater. Whether choosing the location within your home for your custom home entertainment installation, or getting the most quality out of your investment, there are a few elements to keep in mind when planning your ideal home theater experience.


Perhaps the most important step when planning your ultimate home theater is determining the location within your home. Sometimes this is chosen for you, when your only option is to use the spare bedroom or even the main family area. Perhaps your home does not allow a room to be added-on, or your budget has no room left for a theater when constructing a new home. Ideally, your ultimate home theater will be in any area that combines ambiance, light control, and good sound quality to maximize the overall experience. However, if this is simply not possible, you still have ways to achieve the theater of your dreams no matter which room contains it.

The quality and amount of insulation in your home theater will have a heavy impact on the audio aspect of your movie area. Your ideal choice would be a basement or a separate room containing solid insulation that is designed to block out extra white noise from the outside, as well as keep loud sounds inside. If you are going to invest in a Scottsdale custom home audio installation, you want to be certain it is in an area with top-notch insulation to protect the overall sound quality of your home theater.

Additionally, the shape of the room can be a factor in determining the success of your home theater. If the room is square (as most spare rooms are), not only will that make seating arrangements difficult, but you will sacrifice the audio quality as well. In a square room, the sound waves tend to just bounce back and forth between walls, keeping you from hearing and appreciating the true beauty of a movie soundtrack. This will lead to a cacophony of muddled sounds and create a very unpleasant experience for the viewers. The ideal shape for a home theater is either rectangular or rounded, which is typically only achievable when custom building your theater room.

Ultimately, for your dream movie theater experience, you will want to choose a location isolated from the rest of the home (to avoid excess noise and traffic), rectangular or rounded in shape, and well-insulated to prevent noise from traveling in and out through the walls. The basement is an exceptional choice, or even adding-on a brand new area to your existing home. It all depends on what falls within your chosen budget for your theater.


The other big element to consider with your Scottsdale custom home theater installation is the necessary technological pieces to complete the space. What cords and wires do you need? Where do they all plug in? Do you have enough electrical capacity in your designated space? Is your internet fast and easily accessible?

The size of the TV or screen is another aspect to consider. Depending on what mode of entertainment will mainly be used (video games, movies, tv), this will determine the size of the TV or projector you choose. However, make sure you do not choose a screen too big for the size of the room. If you have a very large screen but only a small room, this will really limit the layout and amount of seating.

Proper lighting, ambiance, and décor is also important. Your personal style can add a special flair to the room, but overall you want to keep the décor simple and non-flashy so as not to distract from the main attraction. And finally, consider how to control everything within your theater. Do you want real movie curtains that pull aside to reveal the screen? Do you want everything wired to one specific remote? Think through each aspect and plan carefully how you want everything to be automated and programmed for your ultimate movie theater experience.

All these aspects can seem overwhelming when planning your personal Scottsdale custom home theater. However, Stabley Home Entertainment Specialists is here to help! Our knowledgeable team of entertainment experts can make planning your home theater a breeze. Simply setup your free consult with us, bring in your ideas, and then sit back while we make it happen. From the initial planning process, to staying within your budget, to the installation and more, Stabley Home Entertainment Specialists can be counted on to do the job right. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and to simplify home entertainment for you. Call us today for your free first consultation!

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