Elsewhere on this blog we started talking about some of the trends for Phoenix home theaters in 2014. If you’re looking to install a new system or upgrade your existing system, you’ll want to take these trends into consideration when designing your Phoenix home theater. Here are two more trends that make a lot of sense…

Trend 1: Phoenix home theater systems with freestanding speakers.

When you think of speakers for your custom home theater in Phoenix, you might imagine the traditional speakers which are tucked away and hidden in walls and ceilings. This gives your Phoenix home theater an elegant look, as you don’t have to design the décor around the audio system.

However, more and more consumers are starting to install freestanding speakers in their Phoenix home theaters, for these two reasons:

  • Freestanding speakers create the best audio quality for your Phoenix home theater. Speakers hidden in walls and ceilings simply cannot compete with freestanding speakers.
  • Freestanding speakers look sharp. Point is, a good set of freestanding speakers can give your Phoenix home theater a high-tech look. Plus, speakers now come in a variety of styles, so you’re sure to find a set that matches your sense of style.

Trend 2: Phoenix home theater systems with sound bars.

Those who’re moving toward installing freestanding speakers in their Phoenix home theater also tend to install sound bars. Some people think sound bar installation is for aesthetic purposes only, but that’s no longer true. Today’s sound bars produce output which rivals regular speakers.

Trend 3: Phoenix home theater systems with smart hubs.

People don’t just watch TV in their Phoenix home theaters. Instead, these theaters have become entertainment hubs where people can watch movies, stream internet content, play games, check sports scores and even interact with friends through Twitter, Skype, Facebook and other social media. That’s why those who are installing Phoenix home theaters are investing in “smart hub” TVs, which put all their apps, content and entertainment at their fingertips.


If you’ve been thinking about installing a new Phoenix home theater system or upgrading your existing system, now is a great time. That’s because the technology has evolved rapidly over the past few years, yet the prices for this cutting-edge technology has been dropping.

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