Congratulations on planning your custom home theater in Scottsdale. It’s exciting to imagine what will be like to relax in your very own home theater in Scottsdale. You can just imagine inviting your friends over to enjoy your home theater in Scottsdale. Maybe you’ll watch the big game, catch your favorite movie in surround sound, or even play your favorite games in your Scottsdale home theater.However, this awesome dream could just as easily become an expensive nightmare if you don’t take great during the installation of your home theater in Scottsdale. That’s why we suggest you hire professional home theater systems installations in Scottsdale.

Maybe you’re thinking that installing a home theater in Scottsdale is a pretty straightforward and easy task. If so, consider these issues…

Mounting Speakers
Some of the speakers for your home theater in Scottsdale may be fairly heavy. If they’re placed on stands, the stands could tip over. If your speakers are mounted on the wall and they’re too heavy for the drywall, you could have an expensive mistake on your hands when they rip a hole in your wall.

 Installing Wiring
Another big issue when installing a home theater in Scottsdale is what to do about all the wiring. You certainly don’t want the wiring exposes in open places, which is dangerous as well as looking unattractive. It’s also dangerous to simply run the wiring under rugs and carpets when you’re installing your home theater in Scottsdale.

Power Outlets
During the planning stages of your home theater installation in Scottsdale, you’ll need to look at where the power outlets are in the room and whether you need more of them. A home theater installation in Scottsdale has more components than your typical TV and stereo set-up, so you need to be sure the outlets are equipped to handle this.

Designing Your Home Theater in Scottsdale
Do you know how many speakers and what size they should be to create a true home theater experience? Do you know the best TV to meet your needs and your budget?

If you’re not well-versed in the latest technology, then you’ll want to bring in the professionals for your home theater installation in Scottsdale. And there’s no one better to call then our knowledgeable and experienced experts here at Stabley. Best of all, if you give us a call or drop us a line today about your plans for installing a home theater in Scottsdale, we’ll set you up with a free in-home consultation. You can get started right now by going to our free consultation page.