If you’re thinking about doing a home theater installation in Phoenix, then of course your main decisions will be about what sorts of equipment to get and how to set it up. If you hire us here at Stabley Home Entertainment to set up and program your home theater in Phoenix, that frees you up to focus on the fun stuff, like what type of theme or design you’ll create for your theater room.

Sure, your custom home theater in Phoenix can be straightforward, such as a theme that simply mimics an actual theater. Or maybe you’ll go for something elegant, such as beautiful black leather seating and a subdued, sophisticated design. But if you’re looking to do something out of the ordinary, then check out these home theater design ideas…

Science Fiction Theme

Do you like Star Trek, Star Wars or other classic science fiction movies? Then you may consider designing your home theater in Phoenix around a science fiction theme. Perhaps your room will look like the Starship Enterprise. Or maybe you’ll design it around your favorite character, such as Darth Vader.

Ocean Theme

Do you love the ocean? Then you might consider designing your Phoenix home theater around an ocean theme, complete with large aquariums. If you do it right, the lights in the aquariums can even serve as the ambient lighting for the home theater.

Sports Theme

If you expect to use your custom home theater for watching football, soccer, basketball, baseball and other sports, then you may want to design the room around a sports theme. You could put up sports memorabilia, such as autographed balls, bats and other equipment from actual sports stars.

Super Hero Theme

Do you have a favorite super hero, like Iron Man, Superman, Batman or some other hero? Then you might consider designing your home theater in Scottsdale around this character. You could make your home theater look like the super hero’s home (such as decorating the theater to look like the Bat Cave), or you can display movie posters and other memorabilia from your favorite super hero.

 In conclusion…

You can really have fun designing your Arizona home theater, and the possibilities are endless. So contact us here at https://www.stabley.net/free-consultation for a free in-home consultation so that we can start taking care of the technical details of your home theater installation. That frees you up to focus on designing a theme and the other fun parts of setting up a home theater!