In an earlier blog post we talked about some of the unique themes you can use when you’re designing your home theater in Scottsdale. Now we’d like to continue by offering you even more design ideas. Take a look…

An Art Theme

If you enjoy independent, “artistic” films, then you may enjoy turning your Scottsdale home theater into an art gallery. You can hang paintings from the walls and even put statues and other freestanding artwork alongside the seats. This gives your home theater in Scottsdale an air of sophistication.

Medieval Theme

Imagine if your Scottsdale home theater room looked like a castle, complete with a knight, swords on display and rock walls. Whether you’re watching a movie with a medieval theme or you’re just watching the big game, this is the sort of room that will truly feel like a man cave.

Roman Theme

Another idea for your Arizona home theater is to build it around a Roman theme – think of the Coliseum, for example. Your theater might include seats that look like they’re made from ivory, ornate pillars in the room, and sheets of “gold” decorating the walls. You’ll feel like a Roman emperor every time you’re in your custom home theater!

Blast From the Recent Past

Is there a time era you really enjoy, such as the roaring 1920s, the greasers and music of the 1950s or the “free love” era of the 1960s? Then you could certainly design your Scottsdale custom home theater around this theme.

For example, just imagine turning your home theater into what looks like a 1950s diner, complete with a jukebox and a milkshake counter. Your friends would love it, and so would you.


If you can dream up a theme, then you can design your Arizona custom home theater around that theme.

But first things first… you need to call us here at Stabley Home Entertainment, as we’re a locally owned home theater systems installer right here in Phoenix. We’ve been installing home theater and audio/video systems in homes and businesses since 1994, so we have the skills and know-how to get the job done right.

Whether you need help wiring the components, programming the system, or you need a complete design from the ground up including component recommendations, we can help. So contact us today to request your free consultation at — we’ll take care of all the technical details of your home theater installation so that you can focus on designing the room!