Why Invest in a Custom Home Theater


As the weather continues to cool down and the holidays creep closer, many families cuddle up around the TV to watch the family favorite holiday specials. What better way to get into the festivities than the ultimate viewing experience with a new home theater? A custom home theater is a holiday gift the whole family can enjoy even after the New Year. Here are three reasons you should consider the gift of home entertainment systems.


Saving Money

We’ve all noticed the rising cost to enjoy a movie and popcorn at the theater. They creep higher and higher each year, not only ticket sales but concession prices as well. Once you add your movie experience you could have easily spent $50-$100 to entertain your family for a few hours. Investing your money into a custom home theater in Phoenix will pay off after just a few movie nights are spent at home versus the theater.

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Hosting a Party

Home theater installation | Stabley Home Entertainment

Home theater installation | Stabley Home Entertainment

Whether you have someone in your home that enjoys football or not, many Arizonians will be huddled around the TV this year to enjoy the Super Bowl. Take the opportunity to impress your friends and loved ones with a super bowl party to show off your new home theater. The customer home theater will look and sound like your right in the action!


A Gift That Keeps Giving

If you’re a family that enjoys movie night together or catching the latest drama TV series, give the gift of an ultimate viewing experience. What better gift than the newest technology in speakers and audio, TV, and home automation. Our expert installers will help you choose the right technology to match your lifestyle and budget.


Why Choose Stabley for a Custom Home Theater

If you’ve wondered about installing a custom home theater, call the experts at Stabley Home Entertainment for a free in-home consultation and estimate. Our team offers clients over 19 years of experience in multimedia and home theater installations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and surrounding metropolitan area.

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